This is just a test article so there is some content on this blog. Backbone.js 101 You thought only server-side languages could utilize frameworks? Think again. More and more heavy lifting is being done in the browser these days and that means lots of repetitive and disorganized code to tidy up (and Javascript can get awfully disorganized). While there are many popular Javascript frameworks, we'll focus on Backbone for similar reasons to why we're focusing on Rails... it's probably the most straightforward and best documented one out there. That doesn't mean it's the shiniest or the newest, but if you've mastered your fundamentals in Backbone you'll be more than capable of picking up a slightly more esoteric framework. And there are a whole lot of websites out there that need to be built and maintained in Backbone (ahem, jobs). This is probably the most "advanced" material we'll be taking a look at during this Web Development 101 unit since it relies most heavily on understanding a lot of things beforehand (like Javascript, MVC, frameworks, JQuery, APIs...) before you're really able to appreciate the need for it. Because of this, we won't be doing any exercises or anything like that, we're just trying to get you exposed to what Backbone looks like so you can start wondering what you're going to need to use it for and how later on. Points to Ponder Look through these now and then use them to test yourself after doing the assignment What are the major differences between a front end and back end framework? What language is Backbone written in? What are the advantages to using Backbone over just normal javascript? What elements of Backbone are nearly identical to Rails? What elements of Backbone are very different from Rails? Assignment: Read through the nettuts backbone explanation. It should be somewhat confusing but you should also notice some structural similarities to Rails, even though this is on the front end. Again, don't worry if you're confused by what you're reading. The point isn't to absorb everything, it's just to kind of get a feel for what's waiting. We won't cover Backbone until fairly late in the course when you're a Jedi Javascript Master. Also check out the CodeBeerStartups Backbone guide chapters 1 and 2 for some slightly more plain-english explanations. Again, don't panic... you'll learn this later.